Monday, January 30, 2012

Date night, new recipe, and s'mores!

Saturday night David and I decided to hang out at home,
 since we were both out Friday.
I made dinner. A little twist on a classic comfort food.
Cornbread waffles and spicy chili.
It was super easy, and super YUMMY!!
My favorite part....The cornbread waffles! I loved them.
I had a left over one today with honey drizzled over it. So good!
Trying to wait patiently for my  waffles to cook.
This is the final product, and you can find the recipe HERE!

After dinner we made a fire outside, made smores, and listened to country music!
It was the perfect night for a fire.
Gotta love  a man making a fire!
I sat wrapped up in my  flannel blanket and watched the magic happen.
The goods.
I only had 2 smores.
And only about 10 roasted marshmallows.
They were that good.
You cant say no to that!
Or that!!

We had such a good night just talking by the fire.
And eating smores:)
I love him!


Holly said...

ahh love cozy nights at home dates ;)
and that food looks amazing! Definitely something I'm going to try!

Bunnie said...

arent fire pits the best?!!! GREAT NIGHT!!!

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Lay said...

Ahhh my favorite thing to do - BY FAR.... cozy up next to a fire!

Rebekah said...

I've never heard of that recipe but it sounds like the ultimate comfort food! What a cozy night!

Shalyn said...

Dates at home are the best ESPECIALLY when they involve waffles, firepits and s'mores! And your outfit is adorable!