Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let's Get Trendy

Well, my weekend was less than uneventful.
I have been feeling pretty under the weather since Friday.
Finally, this morning I had to go to care now,
and found out I have bronchitis.
My weekend was spent lying on the couch with my cough drops.
Luckily my fiance has taken very good care of me!

It did give me ample time to window shop online, though.
As always the stores waste no time putting out their newest collection.
I'm pretty sure i got my spring catalog from Express the week after Christmas,
and the swimsuits are out at target people!
I in no way consider myself trendy, but i still obsess over clothes
as much as the next girl. My latest obsession are these
Why do I need them? Oh, I don't. Which is why I don't own them(yet)
Colorful skinnies are all the rage this season,
but the red ones just call to me.

Another thing that has caught my eye is the leopard print.
To my knowledge I have never owned anything in leopard print.
I think I'm ready to make the plunge.
I'm not talking anything crazy like a leopard dress.
Gotta start small here.
I mean how adorably cute.
I think I could attempt to pull this off!

And something that has always had my heart, the colorblock.
I love colorblock. I have a few colorblock dresses,
and they never get old to me. 
You may even see one in my upcoming engagement photos!
I'm sure I will be getting a few dresses for my upcoming wedding
festivities and here are a couple i have my eye one.
Love this!

 And the list could go on.
I'm so not ready to take off my ugg boots, but its always fun to look!
What will you be sporting this spring?


Holly said...

I LOVE leopard print :)
and I must get to target asap to check out the swim collection!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ugh bronchitis, yuck! take care of yourself. and i love those color block dresses absolutely amazing. love them

Ashley said...

dying dying dying over red skinny jeans and TB flats - perfect picks!