Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recent reads

So, lately I have been reading more than usual.
I have always liked reading, but find myself never buying books.
You never know if its going to be worth your 15 dollars.
Recently though I have had several recommended by my bff Leah,
and they have not disappointed. I also got a couple from my mom.
The title alone on this one made me want to read it.
"Is everyone hanging out without me?"
She talks about everything from growing up as a chubby child,
to what it takes to be a REAL best friend.
And that best friends have the right to take any clothing from the other person and wear it.
As long as they have worn it at least once, of course.
She talks about friendship, romance and working in Hollywood.
She also talks about writing The Office episodes.
She is hilarious, and you should read this book!!

Staying with the theme I read this next.
This was also a very entertaining read.
She wrote Mean Girls, and Baby Mama.
And of course, was an SNL writer and created 30 Rock.
All are hilarious. Just like the book.
She talks all about working in the biz, about her jobs before fame,
and even about being a working mom!
Read it.

Next doesn't deserve a picture. I read The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks.
I have had this book for months and months, and finally opened it.
Now, I am a sucker for his cheesy romance novels.
The Notebook, and Dear John? Yes please.
This bombed. Mostly because of the shitty ending.

Now tell me. I randomly got this for my birthday back in August.
I probably shouldn't even waste my time asking question,
but is this as good as the craze makes it out to be?
I know nothing about it.
Is it a series?
Should i jump on the bandwagon??

What else should i read?


Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

Oh- I love Mindy Kaling! I will definitely have to read that book- she is super sweet and funny!

I loved Bossypants too!

As far as Hunger Games- the blog world is all a buzz with it and I have yet to jump on the bandwagon because all I hear is "oh, it's so good!!!" but nobody ever says why, or what it's about. I judge books by the cover and all I can think of is a Tom Clancy novel, which is not my style.

If you do read it, please share why it was good :)

Nicholas Sparks has a bad book?? Man- I fell away from his books a while ago- love reading them thoguh!

Jessica said...

Okay. So I was so anti "Hunger Games" just because the cover looked lame to me. I know, we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but what the heck else are we supposed to go by?!

Anyway, I started reading it last week and I have to admit, it's pretty good! I like it a lot. The writing style makes me feel like I'm experiencing what the characters are and the storyline is pretty intriguing, too. And I'm usually into chick love books...if that tells you anything. It's an day read - give it a shot :)