Monday, January 9, 2012

The Blakely Show

I honestly didn't think tonights episode was blog post worthy but here we go.
Short and sweet.
The first one on one with Kacie B.
Has she ever stepped outside the four walls of her house?
You wouldn't think so.
Every single thing was butterflies and rainbows to this girl.
Calm down.
We know you are on a date with the bachelor but lets just tap the brakes.

The group date. Do we even have to go there?
They get more corny as the seasons pass, but this one took the cake.
I literally clicked through the entire "performance" (thank you DVR)

Courtney R. She won me  over tonight.
She is easy to dislike because she is so effortless.
She is  always calm, cool, and collected.
They really hit it off on their date. It was relaxed, they were cute,
and best of all, it didn't embarrass me.

And then the rose ceremony.
AKA the Blakely show.
They have one every season and she was the lucky one this go 'round.
The one poor girl that nobody likes.
Because she's forward, and pretty, and has a nice rack.
And the other girls are not OK with this.
It's tiring listening to these girls complain about her trying to get time with Ben.
Hypocritical much?
Its the name of the game, girls.

Do you know who wins? I DO. But i won't tell :)


Rissy said...

ahhh I haven't watched yet, but it's on my agenda for today.... I'll have to come back and read once I'm in the look.

Kasey is totally my favorite though!


Ashley said...

You should add your recap tp my bachelor link up ;)

Lay said...

I know who wins too! This is the first year that I cheated and looked it up online since I have a feeling I'm not going to watch a whole lot of this season. Who am I kidding... I'll probably watch... it's like a train wreck you can't keep your eyes off of...

Lay said...

Crazy!! We're getting married May 12th... please don't say thats your wedding day too... actually, that would be pretty awesome!! Our colors are actually purple and green :)