Thursday, January 5, 2012

Random Recipe

I made these for David to take to his coworkers during the holidays.
They turned out great so I made them again to take to his Dad's on New Years Day!
They are chocolate peanut butter sandwich cookies.
First, make the cookies with the following
Mix ingredients and roll into balls
I baked mine about 12-13 minutes....tada!
now for the filling
and mix it up
(this stuff is DELICIOUS!)
and then make your cookies sandwiches
These are the second batch I made, and i made them quite a
bit smaller than the recipe suggests.
These are super easy to make and they were a hit with everyone!
I got the recipe from the Tasty Kitchen Blog
You can go there for the printable recipe.
They are perfect to take to any dinner or  party or just because;)


Stacy said...

Those look really good and they are different from your average cookie.

♥Jess said...

New follower from your comment on Lindseys blog! Happy Not a Blog virgin anymore! :) Love it!