Monday, January 16, 2012

A pretty sad weekend.

Well, unfortunately for the second weekend in a row, i don't have much to report.
I have been sick now for two weeks.
First i was diagnosed with bronchitus, last weekend.
Well I never got much better and woke up Saturday with a horrible sore throat.
So,convinced i had strep, back to the doctor i went.
Well I failed the strep test.
So then they did a blood test to confirm that i have mono!
I have no clue how i got it. I'm just hoping nobody else gets it.

After two hours at the Doctor, i went home and napped for two hours.
Then it was time to go take our engagement pictures!!
I really did feel fine during the pictures. Mostly bc I was just so happy to finally take them:)
I can't wait to see them and i will show them off as soon as possible!
After pictures David took me out for a sushi date. My favorite!
Our delicious sushi.
And David, who has been taking such good care of me!

After our sushi date I was in bed by 9 and slept for almost 14 hours.
I still managed to take 2 naps the next day. I just feel exhausted.

David went to a gun show Sunday morning.
I texted him and told him I wished i had some lobster mac and cheese.
So when he got  home what did he do?
Made me some lobster mac and cheese.
It was just as good as it looks!

Last night we watched the Golden Globes!
I really could care less about the actual awards show,
but the red carpet interviews are right up my alley.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Engagement pictures coming soon:)


Holly said...

aww feel better!
I'm going to post our E pics this week too :)
woo hoo!

Lay said...

Can't wait to see the pics!!

Ashley said...

aww sorry you were a sickling over the weekend....but that dish and the golden globes dont sound too shabby ;)