Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Details

Well this week in the wedding planning world has been all about the details.
With the dress bought and the cake ordered,
it is really time to get down to the nitty gritty.

For our signature cocktail, we are having mojitos in mason jars.

We ordered these cute little straws to go with them,
and they came in this week! I think they are the perfect accent.
And for the bar we got paper napkins with our monogram and wedding date.
(Not ours, just example)
Ours will be purple though, with apple green writing.

We were also able to sample our wedding favors this week,
We are doing a cake ball table. And the samples were DELISH!
(did not help the pre-wedding diet)
We are doing 5 different flavors, and the guests will have little bags to put them in.
To go across the bottom of the table I ordered this banner.
It hasn't arrived yet, but i can't wait to see it!

We also got Davids suit this weekend are on the hunt for a shirt,
and i think we have found a winner.
He is wearing a khaki suit,
 and I think we are going to go with  an apple green shirt for some color.
It will be very spring! I'm thinking something like this.
The green is kind of hard to see, but it is there!

The to-do list is still pretty long, but we are making progress.
I think this  weekend we are registering. Which stresses me out.
I still haven't even decided 100% where i want to register. Any advice?
Where did you register?


Lindsey said...

Such cute ideas! I love your colors. If I could do it all over again I would have registered at Macy's and Bed Bath & Beyond. Do you and David have a place to live yet? So excited for you!

Lay said...

We are seriously twins. I love that we have the exact same colors (purple and green) and our weddings are a week a part! I LOVE the mojitos in the mason jar idea! Very clever!

I went crazy the other night and ordered a bunch of stuff online for our reception decor... I'll do a post on it all when they arrive. I'm so excited that I only have 2-3 more things to order for the reception and then I'm DONE!

We actually aren't doing a registry. We live on the other side of the country from our family and friends, so it would be impossible for us to lug all our gifts across the country (without it costing us our life savings ha). I made up a cute poem suggesting money in lieu of gifts to go towards our first home that we will be buying at the end of the year.

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

well we registered where every new couple MUST!

the he-does-the-laundry-for-you store, and the she-understands-the-importance-of-throwing-out-all-her-granny-panties-store!!

ever since we registered there, we've had a fantastic marriage!

ok,ok, for real: i think we did bed, bath, and beyond for all those "homey" things you need that are still affordable for everyone. and then we registered for a grill and a tv somewhere (can't remember where). the good thing? we got all that! we got a grill, a tv, towels, sheets, plates, the works! wanna know what i WISH we would've done?

i have friends that are getting married and they have registered for FUN THINGS. they are into hiking (like us) and have registered for hiking gear, since they are going hiking for their honeymoon.

i think this is a great idea! typically, we all already have what we need for our houses together and, don't forget to have FUN...i mean, my sister-in-law has only used her christmas china like twice.

Holly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mason jar idea and the Love is sweet banner! :)

Amie said...

When I got married, we registered through Amazon. It was great for a couple reasons. The first was that Amazon has an awesome registry checklist, so that was a huge help. The second was that our guests could see what we wanted and either order it through Amazon and send it to us, our buy their own version and bring it with them! It worked out wonderfully. We got almost all of the things we asked for even though about half of our guests didn't buy through Amazon :)

Ashley said...

love the drinks in mason jars - such a southern thing! and i love it!

Elle Sees said...

i love reading wedding it! and i've no groom anytime soon, but i still plan.

Sunkissed and Southern said...

love your blog...esp all the reality tv talk. :) i feel the same about scott. we registered at macy's, bbb and pottery barn. i could have done without bed bath. macy's was the main one and they have the best sales! they also gave us free money bc so many people bought stuff off our registry we got a gift card in the mail.