Monday, August 27, 2012

Life lately via pictures

Not a lot has been going on around here lately!
This weekend David and I had a perfectly LAZY weekend.
Much needed, in my opinion.
Since I have taken quite the blog break, a picture update is in order.
New boots my love got me for my birthday which was last Friday.
I am now 25. Eeeek.
May purchase boots here.
I love the red zipper!
 Fresh cut watermelon.
 My wonderful husband sent flowers,a teddy bear and balloon to me at work on my birthday.
He is the best.
 We are....special.
 I got a breakfast cookbook for my birthday with tons of good recipes.
I love making new and different things.
We made these potato rosemary pancakes with bacon and honey.
So good!
The book is called The Perfect Start to Your Day.
This was our final product.
My handsome husband.

Sunday night dinner.
Be jealous.

Me and my little love bug!!
Well that is all for now folks.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The aquarium and a BIG SURPRISE!

This weekend my mom and sister asked me to go with them to take Cade to the aquarium on Saturday morning bright and early, and that is just what we did!
We had a really good time and Cade loved seeing the fish!

They dropped me off at home around noon and I had a HUGE surprise waiting for me.
A surprise party!
My birthday is this Friday and David planned a big bash with all of my best friends.
I literally walked in my front door and had all my friends jump out and yell surprise.
It was the best.
He rented a huge slip and slide and margarita machine.
It was a blast and I was seriously shocked!
I don't know how he planned it all without me knowing.
Such a good husband:)

The slip and slide

The adorable and delicious cake

 Party food

Me and Cade
 My very best friends!
Girls lounging in the pool

It really was the best birthday ever.
I don't know how David pulled it off, but he did.
I also have to mention that I have the best girlfriends ever:)
Most of them came from out of town and it meant so much to me.
We have all been best friends for at least ten years,
some for twenty years (CRAZY)
and it isn't very often we are all in the same place.
I love you girls!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My wedding day

I got my wedding pictures about three weeks ago,
but life has gotten the best of me and I have been a bad blogger.
Better late than never, though. Right?
Here are some pictures of the day of.
Mostly getting ready and getting dressed for the big day!
Erin and I having a glass of champagne
 David getting ready

 This little one was ready to go!

 Melt my heart.
This was right before David went out for the first look.

Next up will be the first look. My favorite:)
And if you missed the highlights, you can see them HERE!
 All pictures were taken by Kelly Kate Photography

Monday, August 6, 2012

Life lately

Well my fans have been on my case about my lack of blog posts.
Sorry, mother and husband.
We have been busy around here.
We have made a trip to Louisiana.
Bought a new washer and dryer.
Babysat baby Cade.
Had at home date night.
And much more.

I have about one million instagram pictures to share.
I will try and keep it under control.
You can follow me on instagram @Ctonn87
I'm addicted.

Me and David, out to dinner with his brother.
 My painting from our painting and wine night.
Such a fun girls night idea!
 This happened.
If you are a pickle lover, go get it.
 My newest pinterest find.
Must recreate. I just don't know where yet.

These are like candy.
I need to buy more.
Hanging out with Mr. Cool with his mohawk,
 Hanging out in Baton Rouge.
Froyo date after washer/dryer shopping:)
 Snuck a picture of the boys hanging out outside.
How cute are they?
 Fajita night at home on a Saturday!
With delicious margaritas, of course.

Whew. Picture overload.
I hope everyone else is having a great summer.
Am I the only one that is ready for it to be over?
If you are in Texas I am sure you agree.
Bring on the fall!