Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bachelor Ben

So who watched this guy last night??
I will admit-I was not overly excited that he was the bachelor,
but lets face it, I always get sucked in.
For a while there i even told myself i wasn't going to watch but,
that's never going to happen.
I wasn't in love with him last season(mostly bc JP had my heart) but I thought he was adorably charming last night!

Now for some highlights from the evening.
Of course there are the cheesy pick up lines and awkward intros that make me CRINGE.
And then of course the girl on the horse that was just too over the top.
Next up you have the token beauty queen in her sash,
and the overzealous one skeeze that has to give the first kiss upon meeting.
The rapper. Please.stop.rapping. I mean why? She was no Wes.
And my personal favorite was the model who acts like she didn't know 24 other girls were going to be there.
I hate watching the girls be hateful and dramatic.
But through all my eye rolls, and comments about how much i dislike this and that-
I secretly love every minute.

OH and i almost forgot the Grandma! She was so cute and totally stole the show!
Unfortunately, I'm sure the only thing people will remember about that chick, was her Grandma.

Now, my favs. Hard to pick after night one but my first impression rose goes to...
Kacie B
It might have had something to do with her silver sequin dress. LOVE.
But i did think she was genuine and a sweet southern girl.
And she didn't get up and leave that crazy crying blogger on the couch alone.
She's making us look bad.

I also liked Nicki
I have to root for my Texas girl.
She lives about an hour from my hometown.

Who were your favs and not-so-favs??


Steph said...

The girl that was in the bathroom crying was horrible. I haven't really picked a favorite yet. I do agree that the silver sequin dress was pretty awesome.

Leah B Blogging said...

So, I don't watch the bachelor but I feel like your recap is telling me everything I need to know. Please make it a weekly thing?

Meg {henninglove} said...

me me i watched the bachelor on monday night! and kacie i am already rooting for her and the girl who came in on the horse. and like you i wasn't in love with him last night in fact i said i wouldn't watch his season but i got suckered back in!