Friday, January 6, 2012


Hey ladies(and gents)
I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday night.
This blog comes to you straight from my couch.
Right where i wanna be tonight:)
Catching up on my DVR

Lets start off with a little recap of last night.
One of my best friends had a little couples dinner party.
She made homemade lasagna, salad, and french bread.
Wine was served. The works.
After dinner we moved on to what every good dinner party needs
If you have ever played a civil game of catchphrase,
then you are hanging out with the wrong people.
There was screaming. Yelling. And arguing. It's an intense game.
And if you've never played you need to go buy this little gem.

First up on the DVR. Greys. Who watched it? Holy handkerchief.
First of all the cliff hanger they left us with was brilliant.
I was still on the edge of my seat 6 weeks later.
And it played out perfectly. Cried like a baby. How could you not?
I'm glad I stayed true to Greys through its rough patch.
I mean we watched Izzy sleep with a ghost.
Deer surgery. And the infamous Greys Anatomy musical.
Luckily, Shonda Rhimes screwed her head back on straight.
And I'm loving it!

Next up on the DVR? Jersey Shore. Don't Judge.
I am about 20 minutes in and it's off to a running start.
Those crazy guidos.

And just to leave you with something sweet.
We had perfect weather in Texas today. 70 and sunny.
I took this precious baboo out for a swing.
My nephew....out like a light.


Holly said...

I LOVED greys last night. hands down, one of my favorite shows!

Stephanie said...

Ahhh! I still need to catch up on Grey's. We did catch up on Jersey Shore last night. What a bunch of idiots....but we keep on watching. Ha!

Stacy said...

Catchphrase was a staple in our college apartment. It can be very easily turned into a drinking games (not that I would know :))

Steph said...

I LOVE a good game of catchprase! I may be slightly too competetive for such a fun game! I found your blog through Holly, and saw that your wedding is in 4 months! Mine is in just over 7 months and I feel like I still have so much to do! How are you doing?

Laura Darling said...

That was one CRAZY episode of Grey's the other night!