Thursday, January 26, 2012


I just wanted to a post about RANDOM things that have been going on!

I have been obsessed with country music lately.
I have always listened to country music,
but lately it  is the only thing filling my recently added playlist.
My favorite? This little jam by Jake Owen.
He could get by on his looks alone.

I have been addicted to two things lately.
I have literally been eating these by  the pint.
And tea with honey. Its like dessert!!

So I regret to inform you that I have pretty much always
watched Keeping up with the Kardashians.
I mean how could you not? Its replayed at least twice a day on E.
I don't know if they got new writers or what,
but is it just me or is Scott Disick seem very likable this season?
I'm sure its just because they are so busy making Kris Humphries
look like a total dead beat, but its working for Scott.
Maybe next season  he will  be back to shoving dollar bills in peoples mouth.

So after new years, with the rest of America,
I started my wedding diet healthy lifestyle.
And so far i  have lost about 8 pounds.
I have also been walking around like this  for the past 25 days.

They say
I think I object.

And finally, this little man has discovered his built in playground at Nana's.

And as cute as that little behind is, it gets a little old.
He stays here during the day on MWF,
and I'm sure tomorrow there will be a lot of this
When he discovers the baby gate!



Holly said...

I love me some country and Kardashians :)

Mrs. Mama said...

LOVE country and kardashians... although i hate to admit it... it's been a while since i watched! glad to hear scott is likable though...

and that face? hahah E had that same face when we put up the baby gate!

Texas Tanners said...

Oh my word that picture of the puppy is hilarious and totally how I feel sometimes.