Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

Who is loving that it is already Friday?
I feel like this week was a quick one. Why is that?
This weekend I have no big plans.
I love busy weekend with tons a plans,
but I also love nothing weekends.

I think tonight I am going to whip up the Pioneer Woman's
Luckily I have a husband that will happily eat anything I make.
This isn't exactly a "manly" meal.
I might have to add some turkey to his.
Crazy Friday night, yes? We may even open some wine.

Tomorrow David has to work,
therefore I will be having a mommy/daughter day.
I am hoping to get 2 pinterst projects completed!
This frame...
 And this centerpiece for my dining room table!

Should be a fun time!
What are you doing this weekend?

Monday, July 16, 2012

All about Courtney

Today I am giving you the 411.
All about me:)
Yes, today is your lucky day.
Endless random facts about yours truly.
Lets begin with the basics.

To my very best friend. David.

I love nothing more than hanging out with our families and best friends.
We are blessed with the best we could hope for.

I love my nephew more than anything in the world.
I have actually asked David if I will like our kids as much as I like him.
Serious concern here.
Cooking is my most favorite hobby.
I love trying new recipes.
Luckily I have a really great guinea pig at home.
Need a good recipe? Done!
In the past...I dunno, year or so, I have become a self proclaimed wino.
It is my favorite. I love going wine tasting.
That is what I did for my bachelorette party!
At my bachelorette party!
If I had to pick one day of my life to relive...
It would be my "first date" with David.
We had met one time before and our date lasted over 24 hours.
In the most lady like way possible;)
If I won the lottery I would buy a boat.
That is the only way it would ever be allowed.
David says they suck money out of your bank account....
Or some nonsense like that.
Bye bye dream boat.
I am still best friends with the same girls I was in highschool!
I think that is rare and I am so lucky to have such a good group!
We know how to have a good time.
I love reality TV.
Bachelor(ette), Teen Mom, Real housewives.
Yep, I'm there.
And I can say with much confidence that I have no shame.
I get startled really easily.
I am the person that jumps when the toast is done.
I am super weird.
I know most people say that . But I really am.
Ask my mother.
My favorite guilty pleasure food is chips.
Is that really lame?
I can't help it. I love them,
My favorite?
I aspire to grow a really fabulous garden in the spring.
David thinks I need to stop killing hanging plants first.
A girl can dream.
My new favorite city(since meeting David) is New Orleans.
This city is the Jack of all trades.
Mardi Gras is seriously the bomb.
Plus I got engaged there.
David and I got engaged 7 months after we met.
He bought the ring after 4 months.
We have a really crazy story of how we met that I have never shared.
I will soon though!
Wednesday marks the anniversary of the day we met.
Seems like a perfect time to share!
Is that enough random facts about me?
Go link up with Becky so we can get to know you.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hey, I'm married.

Remember that one time, when I got married?
And then I didn't post a single picture of the wedding?
I wanted to wait to get ALL of my pictures first, and I did like 2 weeks ago!
Here are some of the highlights.
I will do (several) more posts this week with more!!
So, I hope you are ready for picture overload.
All of my photographs were taken by Kelly Kate Photography.

Also, my wedding and reception were at my parents house in the country.
So. That is where all the pictures are taken.

Before the ceremony. We did all pictures after our first look.
Straight to the reception is the way to go.

 Reception shoes

 Ceremony shoes

 Sneak peak of first look.
I will do a whole post of them. It was the best decision.

Beautiful flowers.

Our wedding party

Sign out front.

This was behind us during the ceremony.
Mom and I found it at an antique store. I loved it.
It is now in our dining room.

 Maybe my favorite picture.

 After we were husband and wife.

 First dance

There will be TONS more coming soon.

Monday, July 9, 2012

GOOD eats!

Well I mentioned yesterday that I waned to share this recipe with you all.
So, here it is.
It is very simple and easy but so delicious and a little different, I thought.

Crunchy garlic chicken.

1 garlic clove
1 lemon
6 saltine crackers
4 sprigs fresh parsley
2 T butter
Sea salt
Fresh ground pepper
2 heaping T flour
1 egg
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Peel the garlic and zest the lemon • Put your crackers into a food processor with the butter, garlic, parsley sprigs, lemon zest and a pinch of salt and pepper • Whiz until the mixture is very fine, then pour these crumbs on to a plate • Sprinkle the flour on to a second plate • Crack the egg into a small bowl and beat with a fork • Lightly score the underside of the chicken breasts • Put a square of plastic wrap over each one and bash a few times with the bottom of a pan until the breasts flatten out a bit • Dip the chicken into the flour until both sides are completely coated, then dip into the egg and finally into the flavored crumbs • Push the crumbs on to the chicken breasts so they stick – you want the meat to be totally coated. Back at 475 for 20 minutes (or until done).

My ingredients to go into the food processor.
After being processed.
After I coated my chicken.
My finally product.
It was so good,
and I'm trying to wait an acceptable amount of time before making again.
I think one week will be long enough.
Go make this!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Instagram weekend of fun!

Well, we had a great weekend!
Two of my very best friends were in town from Austin.
So, on Friday we met up with them and another one of my very best friends.
Such a good time. And, of course, I took no pictures.
David and I had a glass bottle of wine with our dinner Friday,
which was a great pinterest find.
Recipe to come tomorrow.
 My new favorite wine.
Discovered thanks to a random purchase with the husband.
Me and David before going out Friday.
We had such a good time with our friends.
We are planning on making a trip to Austin soon!

Saturday I kept Cade and he stayed the night with Aunt sissy and Uncle Dave.
We had such a good time with him.
We went swimming, went for a walk in the stroller, played in the hose, and watched Cars.
Just a little bedtime snack. I think swimming made him hungry.

Playing in the backyard with the hose!
Redneck swimming pool anyone?

Playing with chalk.
Cade+Aunt Sissy= Love Forever.
He wrote it himself.

Tonight I am making chicken noodle soup.
For some reason making soup is my Sunday tradition.
I made enough for about 3 armys.
I also made the best banana bread recipe I have ever tried.
It is soo good.
It is such an easy recipe.
And it makes David love me.
Maybe I should post two recipes tomorrow?

Friday, July 6, 2012

My current favorites

I thought today I would share some of my current obsessions.
I am one of those people that finds something I like,
 and eat/drink/use it everyday until I get burned out.
I have been like that since I was little.

First up two new beauty products.
I have been using them for a couple months now and love them both.
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.
This conditioner makes my hair so soft.
And it smells so good.
I use it a couple times a week and really love how well it works.

Dove Hair Therapy, Nourishing Oil Care.
I heard this was a miracle worker, and let me tell  is.
I was skeptical because I have the thinnest hair known to man.
Not exaggerating. 
So I thought an oil spray plus thin hair=disaster.
I was wrong. This stuff makes my hair so smooth and soft.
I can let my hair air dry on a daily basis now and it looks just fine.

Now to the good stuff. Food.
Chobani. I tried it thanks to my best friend and I love it.
I had tried other greek yogurt and was not a fan.
This stuff is great though.
I makes for a really good, EASY breakfast.
My favorite flavor so far is apple cinnamon.
Thanks Erin:)

This next stuff in dangerous.
This stuff is freaking delicious.
It doesn't hurt if you put it in this either.
It is like dessert in a cup!

Now go get all my favorites.
And go share yours.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Deep in the heart of Texas

We had a great 4th of July!
We relaxed around the house most of the morning and went for a morning walk.
Then we ventured out to a new oyster bar in town.
The patriotic outfit.
And my favorite part. The nails.
David and I before we left the house.

We were excited to try this new place.
It was different than expected and is 90% patio,
which wasn't terribly desirable in July
but would be awesome given some pleasant weather.
When we got there we thought the place was closed.
There were only 2 other people there.
But the food was good!
We split a boiled shrimp plate.
Shrimp, corn, and potatoes. Delicious.
Next time we will get the "spicy" version.
And of course its the 4th so we had to have booze.

After that we went to my parents for a little get together.
We stopped on the way out and bought some fireworks.
I have heard there are several burn bans in other areas.
We lucked out this year, though.
My parents live outside city limits so our personal show was completely legal, don't worry.

David and I had a blast playing with the fireworks!
I hope everyone had a great holiday.
Am I the only one that is a little off after the mid week break??