Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random ramblings and confessions!

Here are some confessions for ya..
I send David outfit pictures. Like kind of a lot.
Is that normal or is it so 2003/myspacey?
Either way, I do it and I'm not going to quit.
And he at least pretends to like them.

My mom made me one of my favorite breakfasts today.
Because, pretty much most breakfasts are my favorite.
I like to think I'm not spoiled.
Maybe I'm just getting special treatment because I will be leaving the nest forever in 3 weeks.
Don't cry yet, Mom.

I can't stop finding things  on pinterest I want to recreate.
I saw this and just loved it.
Don't know why but I want to make it happen.
Someday, somehow.
Uh ya, sorry about the ghetto screen shot picture.
BUT isn't the bookshelf cute?
For some reason I am all into rustic.

OK, so I am not a big fan of those hokey signs that are really popular.
But if I was, this one that I saw at Hobby Lobby would be in my kitchen.
If you DO have this in your kitchen, no offense.
I hope we can still be friends.

And lastly..
David and I had this for dinner.
Ya that's right. And it was delicious!
We were at the house assembling beds so I ordered pizza.
Obviously, I use the term "we" very  loosely.
HE was assembling beds while I supervised.

Happy Friday everyone!
I will be flying solo this weekend while Dave is at his bachelor party...
Deep sea fishing. He's a wild child, I know.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My last night as a single lady

I had the best time ever at my bachelorette party.
I can happily say that every one of my very best friends was there!
First, we went wine tasting. One of my favorite activities.
We went to three different wineries. All within walking distance of each other.
Gotta have your bachelorette pimp cup:)
On our way:)
Two of my best friends since preschool ish
Me and my girl Leah
Enjoying some wine
my jojo!

After the wine tasting we went back to the hotel for food and lingerie.
I got SO much cute stuff. My friends obviously know me well.
I loved everything I got.
I am officially ready to honeymoon now!
My sister did all of the food and decor for the lingerie shower.
She did such an awesome job!
PRECIOUS cupcakes. They obviously went fast.
Lace candle holders, and glass bottle for our Southern Comfort punch. Delicious, by the way.
A cute table with lots of old pictures with friends!

After that, we went out on the town.
We went to a bar/club place called The Glass Cactus.
It really doesn't matter where we went, I would have had a blast with my best friends.
We danced the night away with each other and had so much fun.
You know it was a good time because I woke up Sunday in my hot pink dress.
 Success in my book.
Ready for our night out!

Such a great night.
I feel so lucky to have such amazing girlfriends.
I know everyone thinks they have the best girls but I really do!
I will see you all again in 3 weeks! EEEEEK!
Love you girls!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is this real??

Ok boys and girls.
I am getting married ONE MONTH from today.
Holy freaking smokes.
I literally can't believe it.
We got engaged 13 and 1/2 months ago.
Where does time go? Will it slow down after I get married?

I mean  obviously I am thrilled to be getting married.
That is a given.
But I am also excited about other things.
Moving into our house.
Going on our amazing honeymoon.
I am ready for the madness to be over.
It is bitter sweet. I have loved planning this wedding.
I will be sad when it is all done.
And it will all go by in a flash, I know this.
Ultimately I can't wait to marry my best friend and start a new chapter.
4 weeks from today we will be setting up the tent for the wedding.
It will be chaotic and stressful and I hope I can take time to sit back and enjoy it.
I can't believe my big day is almost here!
The love of my life:)

Let the countdown begin!
As if it did start 13 months ago....
Any wedding week advice? Give it to me!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love/hate you pinterest

So we all know everyone and their dog is addicted to pinterest.
And that is where I first spotted something I knew I wanted in my new house.

I love the cream and wood table.
I found an adorable one at pier1.
The table and chairs were like 1200 bucks or something.
Then my mom hit up craigs list and found a great wood table and said lets paint it ourselves.
I was sold. I went and paid $ dollars for a brand new table.
The lady was getting rid of it because she was moving.
It still had the tags on it. Such a steal.
Then it was time to paint.

I think the chairs are so cute!

Here is my finished product!
It looks just as good if I do say so myself.
I got the end chairs and covers from pier1.

I said many times I don't know how anyone planned a wedding before pinterest.
Now I couldn't decorate without it.
I asked my mom what I should put in the center of the table.
What did she say?
You better start looking on pinterest.
Of course....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Home sneak peak

So this weekend we did a lot of work at the house.
It now looks like somebody might live there in the near future.
As long as you don't go in any of the bedrooms or bathrooms.
Here is a small sneak peak into what it looks like so far!

The entry way

It's not a lot, but I am happy with it so far.

Here is the kitchen before and after.

And after!

I love my  cute magnets.

All of this stuff is part of the wonderful gifts I got at my shower!
We are very very lucky.
Here is a little china cabinet I got at the antique store.
Since we don't have a TON of storage, it is perfect for storing bakeware.

And my little owl friend sits on top!

And now I will stop because this is total picture overload.
I will do a part two soon!

Who do I look like??

So Raven is doing a doppelganger link up today.
So going into it I was all about it.
 I expected to submit my picture and have a picture of Cameron Diaz pop up.
I mean, obviously we are twins.
Boy was I in for a rude awakening.

I submitted this picture from my bridal shower last weekend.

Lets start with the bad
...a 72% match with......
Sharon Osbourne
Talk about a blow to the ego.
I mean she isn't ugly. But I'm not 60 years old....

Next up with a 71% match..
Pamela Anderson. Cool.
I mean this could be a compliment.
If I were trying to look like a botoxed forehead lip injected slore.
And last but not least...
With a match of 71%....
Unless we are doing an ab doppelganger I'm not thrilled.
I'm pretty sure there are websites dedicated to the fact that she looks like a man.

Lastly, the only thing that kept me from hanging myself this evening.
My number one match with a 75%
She is still like 20 years older than me but at least she is cute.
I guess I need to get some anti aging cream,
because apparently I don't look like anyone else my age.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What weekend?

Our weekend consisted of  pretty much one thing....
Working at the new house.
I had fun doing it, but it was a lot of work.
I woke up around 6 on Saturday and Sunday.
That does not fly with the least. It had to be done, though.

Here are my pictures from the weekend!
My new cute target dress that I wore Friday.
I think I need it in the other color. For only 17.99. Yes please.
Ice cream date with my love. I got snickerdoole at Coldstone.
Our new furniture was delivered Saturday!

Glass of wine after a long hard day of work.
Bought these bar stools on clearance at Target.
Thank you mom for the wonderful find:)
Anybody want to take bets on how long this drawer will stay like this?
I give it a week after we move in.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Confession time...

First confession...
I am blogging on a Friday night.
Loser much? Ya....
I have to be at our new house at 7 am tomorrow.
Our furniture is being delivered between 7am and 10pm.
No that is not a joke. They did say it would probably be earlier since we are more "north".
So probably like 9pm.

It isn't a big deal because I have SO much to do over there, but still.
I would have liked to sleep in a bit.

Confession #2
I NEED to see this movie.
The Lucky One.
I read all of Nicholas Sparks books turned movie in like...high school.
So they have a special little place in my heart.
I still read most of his books, although they don't do as much for me.

Confession #3
There is a place to eat next to Chich Fil a. Del Taco.
Never eaten there.
Because duh, Chick Fil a trumps all.
But...I feel BAD for Del Taco.
There is never a car in the drive through. It just stands alone.
I picture the Del Taco employees sneaking over to Chick Fil a for lunch.
Is it that loved in all places or just here??

Confession #4
A lot of times when I am in the car, it takes me like half the song to realize it is a song I hate.
I have even been singing along.
Then I get mad and change the station.
I realize this probably only happens to me.
Because I am the last person on earth that listens to radio.
I get so mad when it happens though.
It usually gets stuck in my head too.

Goodnight now.