Monday, January 23, 2012

Reality show time...

Well the bachelor just ended and I feel compelled to give my 3 cents.
Even though i skipped a recap last week,
this week was filled with juicy cat fights.
Which is why we all tune in, right??

The past few seasons we have seen history repeating itself.
With the exception of last season,
the front runner always gets hated on by the girls.
And last it was because Emily was just too damn SWEET!
Oh and her fiance was killed and she was a single mom. But she was also sweet.

I have named myself president of the I like Courtney club.
Ill probably  be the VP, secretary, and treasurer too
because I am pretty sure nobody else wants to be in it.

I really don't see whats not to like.(Besides that she says "winning")
I think she is sarcastic, and funny and just snarky enough for my liking.
The girls just don't like her because Ben likes her best.
Simple as that.
She isn't the prettiest or the skinniest or the nice sweet little girl next door.
But Ben says it EVERY episode.
Courtney just "gets it".

A few more things to note about this episode.

Emily threw herself under the bus.
Anytime a girl talks bad about the others she becomes two things.
1.) unattractive
2.) in the friend zone
Nice knowin ya girl.

I also thought Jennifer was the cute as a button.
Bless her heart she likes him so much,
but much to her dismay i think i see them more as BFFs
and i think Ben will start to feel that way too.
Shes such a sweetheart, though,

One last thing.
And please don't throw stones at me for what i am about to say.
I was beyond annoyed with Kacie B tonight.
Too much complaining and too many tears. Calm down girl.
I also don't get why ABC but SOO much of he whining in tonights show.
Enough pouting!

Oh well, until next week when we get to watch more drama unfold....

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Lay said...

I like Courtney too! But I always tend to root for the underdogs in any kind of situation.... not sure why, maybe I feel bad for them? But I have to agree, her whole "winning" thing is getting really annoying.

I actually like Kacey B but she is turning my off with the whole 'I'm in love with him and want to have his kids and lick his feet but I've only known him for 2 seconds' thing.