Monday, January 30, 2012

Date night, new recipe, and s'mores!

Saturday night David and I decided to hang out at home,
 since we were both out Friday.
I made dinner. A little twist on a classic comfort food.
Cornbread waffles and spicy chili.
It was super easy, and super YUMMY!!
My favorite part....The cornbread waffles! I loved them.
I had a left over one today with honey drizzled over it. So good!
Trying to wait patiently for my  waffles to cook.
This is the final product, and you can find the recipe HERE!

After dinner we made a fire outside, made smores, and listened to country music!
It was the perfect night for a fire.
Gotta love  a man making a fire!
I sat wrapped up in my  flannel blanket and watched the magic happen.
The goods.
I only had 2 smores.
And only about 10 roasted marshmallows.
They were that good.
You cant say no to that!
Or that!!

We had such a good night just talking by the fire.
And eating smores:)
I love him!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Sneak Peak

Hello ladies. I hope everyone has had a great weekend.
We have  had a pretty fun one!
Friday night I had bunco with the girls,
and David went out with his boss.
Last night we had a little date night at home.
Here is a little weekend preview via instagram!
Me and my lovely lovely fiance!
He works every other Saturday, so having him home all day on Saturdays in a treat.
Had to snap an outfit picture
The first cappuccino made from the espresso machine I got David for his birthday.
A cornbread waffle for dinner Saturday night.
With spicy chili served over it.
A delicious concoction.
Roasting marshmallows by the fire outside.
And a ridiculous picture of yours truly.
That front camera on the iphone4 still hasn't gotten old.
You're welcome.

Happy Sunday!

Go link up with Jenni and tell us about your weekend!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recent reads

So, lately I have been reading more than usual.
I have always liked reading, but find myself never buying books.
You never know if its going to be worth your 15 dollars.
Recently though I have had several recommended by my bff Leah,
and they have not disappointed. I also got a couple from my mom.
The title alone on this one made me want to read it.
"Is everyone hanging out without me?"
She talks about everything from growing up as a chubby child,
to what it takes to be a REAL best friend.
And that best friends have the right to take any clothing from the other person and wear it.
As long as they have worn it at least once, of course.
She talks about friendship, romance and working in Hollywood.
She also talks about writing The Office episodes.
She is hilarious, and you should read this book!!

Staying with the theme I read this next.
This was also a very entertaining read.
She wrote Mean Girls, and Baby Mama.
And of course, was an SNL writer and created 30 Rock.
All are hilarious. Just like the book.
She talks all about working in the biz, about her jobs before fame,
and even about being a working mom!
Read it.

Next doesn't deserve a picture. I read The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks.
I have had this book for months and months, and finally opened it.
Now, I am a sucker for his cheesy romance novels.
The Notebook, and Dear John? Yes please.
This bombed. Mostly because of the shitty ending.

Now tell me. I randomly got this for my birthday back in August.
I probably shouldn't even waste my time asking question,
but is this as good as the craze makes it out to be?
I know nothing about it.
Is it a series?
Should i jump on the bandwagon??

What else should i read?

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I just wanted to a post about RANDOM things that have been going on!

I have been obsessed with country music lately.
I have always listened to country music,
but lately it  is the only thing filling my recently added playlist.
My favorite? This little jam by Jake Owen.
He could get by on his looks alone.

I have been addicted to two things lately.
I have literally been eating these by  the pint.
And tea with honey. Its like dessert!!

So I regret to inform you that I have pretty much always
watched Keeping up with the Kardashians.
I mean how could you not? Its replayed at least twice a day on E.
I don't know if they got new writers or what,
but is it just me or is Scott Disick seem very likable this season?
I'm sure its just because they are so busy making Kris Humphries
look like a total dead beat, but its working for Scott.
Maybe next season  he will  be back to shoving dollar bills in peoples mouth.

So after new years, with the rest of America,
I started my wedding diet healthy lifestyle.
And so far i  have lost about 8 pounds.
I have also been walking around like this  for the past 25 days.

They say
I think I object.

And finally, this little man has discovered his built in playground at Nana's.

And as cute as that little behind is, it gets a little old.
He stays here during the day on MWF,
and I'm sure tomorrow there will be a lot of this
When he discovers the baby gate!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Details

Well this week in the wedding planning world has been all about the details.
With the dress bought and the cake ordered,
it is really time to get down to the nitty gritty.

For our signature cocktail, we are having mojitos in mason jars.

We ordered these cute little straws to go with them,
and they came in this week! I think they are the perfect accent.
And for the bar we got paper napkins with our monogram and wedding date.
(Not ours, just example)
Ours will be purple though, with apple green writing.

We were also able to sample our wedding favors this week,
We are doing a cake ball table. And the samples were DELISH!
(did not help the pre-wedding diet)
We are doing 5 different flavors, and the guests will have little bags to put them in.
To go across the bottom of the table I ordered this banner.
It hasn't arrived yet, but i can't wait to see it!

We also got Davids suit this weekend are on the hunt for a shirt,
and i think we have found a winner.
He is wearing a khaki suit,
 and I think we are going to go with  an apple green shirt for some color.
It will be very spring! I'm thinking something like this.
The green is kind of hard to see, but it is there!

The to-do list is still pretty long, but we are making progress.
I think this  weekend we are registering. Which stresses me out.
I still haven't even decided 100% where i want to register. Any advice?
Where did you register?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Reality show time...

Well the bachelor just ended and I feel compelled to give my 3 cents.
Even though i skipped a recap last week,
this week was filled with juicy cat fights.
Which is why we all tune in, right??

The past few seasons we have seen history repeating itself.
With the exception of last season,
the front runner always gets hated on by the girls.
And last it was because Emily was just too damn SWEET!
Oh and her fiance was killed and she was a single mom. But she was also sweet.

I have named myself president of the I like Courtney club.
Ill probably  be the VP, secretary, and treasurer too
because I am pretty sure nobody else wants to be in it.

I really don't see whats not to like.(Besides that she says "winning")
I think she is sarcastic, and funny and just snarky enough for my liking.
The girls just don't like her because Ben likes her best.
Simple as that.
She isn't the prettiest or the skinniest or the nice sweet little girl next door.
But Ben says it EVERY episode.
Courtney just "gets it".

A few more things to note about this episode.

Emily threw herself under the bus.
Anytime a girl talks bad about the others she becomes two things.
1.) unattractive
2.) in the friend zone
Nice knowin ya girl.

I also thought Jennifer was the cute as a button.
Bless her heart she likes him so much,
but much to her dismay i think i see them more as BFFs
and i think Ben will start to feel that way too.
Shes such a sweetheart, though,

One last thing.
And please don't throw stones at me for what i am about to say.
I was beyond annoyed with Kacie B tonight.
Too much complaining and too many tears. Calm down girl.
I also don't get why ABC but SOO much of he whining in tonights show.
Enough pouting!

Oh well, until next week when we get to watch more drama unfold....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

An instagram weekend

We had a pretty low key weekend.
Friday, this little guy was here until right before dinner time.

Friday night we just stayed home and cooked one of pioneer woman's sandwiches.
On Saturday, David worked and then we went out for dinner and ice cream!
We went to Mellow Mushroom.
 This is new to our town so we were excited to try it.
When we got there, we had a 50 minute wait.
They had plenty of room at the bar, so it wasn't so bad.
I had a seasonal cider, and it was delicious!
Waiting on our yummy pizza to arrive.
Also, laughing at my obnoxious fiance for taking
one million pictures with the flash on.
He thinks its fun to be embarrassing:)
Our pizza arrives!
It was to die for. The crust made it!
You would think after that ginormous pizza we would be stuffed.
We still had room for ice cream.
Its just how we roll.
It was a date night success!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Confessional Friday!

I have a few confessions/random thoughts for this Friday morning!

1. I cannot wait to see this movie. And I make sure to share that anytime the preview comes on.
If you have not seen the preview here ya go.
I mean the preview alone just about puts tears in my eyes.

2. I want to  buy all of the jewlery in Old Navys new spring line.
It really is to die for. You can go check it out HERE.
So much fun color!

3. My mom was feeling bad for me being sick.
So she got me a get well present.
It is a cookie jar from Anthropologie that i have wanted for YEARS!
I love it and I cant wait to  decorate my future home with it.
Needless to say it did make me feel better! Thanks mom!!

4. We made chicken and dumpling casserole off of pinterest last night.
I was really not impressed. I thought it was really salty.
And it did not resemble my moms chicken and dumplings haha!

5. The weather here is crazy. 2 days ago i was in my uggs,
and today the high is 74. Im not complaining about that though!

6. I hate to the bearer of bad news, but  i think the bachelor jumped the shark.
This was just too much. Im sure they did it for ratings, and im sure it worked.
BUT. It was just too embarrassing to handle.
I did read that she is coming out with a book and that may have
had something to do with why she came on the show.
Im ready for Emilys season!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Now go link up your confessions with Leslie!!