Friday, March 2, 2012



High five for Friday, yes?
I don't know why I am so happy to see the weekend, but I am!
We don't have big plans tonight, because David works tomorrow, AGAIN!
I am feeling a wine and cheese night at home tonight.
It is one of my favorite at home dates.

My future in-laws might be coming to Texas tomorrow.
They have been talking about coming since the new year,
so I hope they end up making the trip.
They have not met my family yet!
That is what happens when you find a husband that lives in another state.
My family is going to Louisiana in a few weeks too!
My parents, sister, brother in law, nephew, the whole gang!!
They are throwing us a family show there, and I can't wait!

On Wednesday, the weather was awesome and I took Cade out for a walk.
I took a bunch of pictures and here are a few!

Picture overload? I think NOT!
He is my little booboo.
And he told me to tell you all happy Friday!!
I am his favorite Aunt, obviously:)


Jes said...

wine and cheese night is my favorite night of the week! i wish it could be everyday! ps i know what it is like to be the favorite aunt and it is just the best!
xx jes

Holly said...

o my goodness he is just wayyy to cute!!!

Happy weekend :)

Lay said...

That last picture is a gorgeous photo of the both of you!

Ashley said...

your nephew is such a little dollface! so cute!!

hope wine and cheese night was a success!