Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend FUN!

Well my weekend has been so far so good!
Friday I took a trip to the park with Cade.
He spend the night, and needless to say I think I'll wait to have kids til I'm 50.
Unfortunately, he is too cute to hold a grudge.

We had a wine and cheese night at home this weekend.
It was just lovely.
Baked Gouda

Peanut butter Cheerios. If you haven't tried these....DO!
Unless you hate peanut butter.

David had some things to work on outside this morning,
so I decided to man up and go sit in the cold and keep him company.
It was only 40 degrees, but to us Texans thats pretty chilly.
I had some hot chocolate with my marshmallows to keep me warm:)

It is always a sign that spring is on its way when the girl scout cookies have invaded the grocery stores!
Thin mints!
Spring has sprung!
And that means we are that much closer to May 19!

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Valerie Griffin said...

i love pb cheerios! the dulce de leche ones are tasty too!