Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding fashion.

When it comes the a wedding, obviously the most important thing is THE dress.
Apart from the wedding dress, there are all of the other "festivities" that require new outfits......right?
Such as, the rehearsal dinner.
I knew when I saw this dress that I needed it for my rehearsal dinner.
 It has pockets! My weakness.

For my bachelorette party I decided I wanted hot pink.
I am SO not a hot pink girl. At all.
I just woke up one day wanting to wear it for my girls night out.
So the hunt began and of course there was not one acceptable hot pink dress to be found.
Until last night.
This hot pink Express dress. Thank you Express.
I ordered it this morning and I can wait to get it!

Next on my to do list is to find a couple of things for the honeymoon.
Swim suits and sundresses.
One swim suit I have had my eye on for months is this one.
I just think it is adorable!
And then there is this one. It just seems so honeymoon appropriate.
I just love the sequins!

Now, dresses for the honeymoon.
I just want casual, cute, comforable dresses.
As much as I think i'm going to be getting all dolled up everynight...
Probably won't happen after a long day of sun and all inclusive drinks.
Here are the type of things I am looking at!
White girly lace!
I love this one. So bright and summery.
I have never  owned a maxi dress, but I am itching to.

So what do I pack for the honeymoon?
Any advice is much appreciated:)


Lyndsey said...

We aren't going on our honeymoon till may, got married in sept. so I am in the same boat as u!!

Holly said...

I loooove all your dress choices! and I'm not a maxi dress girl, but I really want to change it up and give it a try :)

Lay said...

I should probably come as no surprise that my bachelorette dress is also hot pink, since you know, we are clearly twins lol. I bought it like 6 months ago as my "goal" dress to fit in to before the wedding (which it now fits!) love your choices!

Raven said...

that hot pink dress is stunning! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Courtney B said...

That hot pink dress is perfect! LOVE it!
And pack as little as possible for your honeymoon ;)