Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meet the parents!!!

Don't worry, I met Davids parents before this weekend!!
BUT my parents and David's parents met this weekend.
Since we are from different states, our parents had not been able to meet.
This weekend my family went to Baton Rouge with David and I for our wedding shower.
My parents, sister, brother in law and nephew all came.
It was great! So much fun to be with all  of our family at one time!

Our shower was held at David's aunt and uncles house on the river.
They have a beautiful backyard!
We had a fish fry and his uncles cooked amazing food for everyone.
There was food, cake, games, presents, and family.

Awesome backyard!

We had such a good time!
One of my flower girls and of course my baby Cade!
We will see if he can walk down the aisle as my ring bearer:)

Opening presents with my lovely groom!!
We got lots of awesome gifts! We are very very lucky.

Uncle David and Cade.
Melt my heart.
David and I at the shower.

Next weekend I have shower #2!
All of this makes it seem so real and so close!
I love it!!


Valerie Griffin said...

y'all are such a cute couple!

Holly said...

That pool with the river is to die! Looks like you had a great time :)

Lay said...

That house is RIDICULOUS! Holy amazing.

My family only met Ryan's the week we got engaged (after 4 years of dating). I thought it would be super awkward but it was pretty fun :)

Sunkissed and Southern said...

what a great backyard, it looks like such a fun time was had!!