Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My first house project

My first new house project was small but mighty.
A new wreath for our front door.
Gotta make our presence known in the new hood!
Who would have ever thought creating a homemade wreath would be considered exciting?
Not me.
But boy is it.
Here is what I started out with....
All found at Hobby Lobby.
Our house #, monogram, paint, and fake flowers. Easy as pie.
I painted all my wooden numbers and letter my favorite color.
Perfect color for spring. Or anytime if you are me.
My best crafting is executed when paired with wine.
Here is my finished product.
I just hot glued everything on.
I bought two stems of the fake flowers and cut it apart and glued away.
The ribbon came from a ribbon my mom just had laying around the house.
I love  how it turned out and it was so easy.
I am ready to do a lot more crafting:)

To see more crafts or link yours, go to Becky's blog today!!
I am hoping to find some new craft ideas.
I am hooked.


Ashley said...

Looks great and not to difficult to try ;)

Mrs. S said...

Hi! I found you from the link up - I just added a post there too! LOVE this wreath!! I've done two very similar to this - one for football season and one for our baby due in June. I love using those twig/vine wreaths!! You're is super cute and I love the color :)

Valerie Griffin said...


p.s. thanks for the sweet compliments about my wedding hair! & you are more than welcome to show my pic as inspiration! i'd be honored :)

Holly said...

I love it!!! looks great!

Lay said...

Such a great idea!! It turned out great!

his little Lady said...

ummm, this is absolutely adorable!! i really like this idea! so cleaver!
xo TJ

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Stopping by from Becky's blog! It looks fantastic! I need to get on the ball and make a spring/summer wreath like and Becky have done. And yes, crafting is best paired with vino!

Stacy said...

Very Cute! Just make sure you don't drink too much wine while playing with hot glue. I don't want anyone to get hurt. :)

Morgan Daymude said...

I'm stopping by from a blonde ambition....I may or may not already be in LOVE with your blog! You are just so cute! So happy you and your future hubby bought a house. Congrats! Also...I definitely want to try this little craft. looks so fun! have a wonderful day :)