Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patrick's Day cookout!

We had a low key St Patrick's Day
And I do mean low key.
I have never gone big for St Patty's Day.
David worked most of the day
 so we just cooked out and enjoyed the amazing weather!

We did get the party started right though...
Makes the best margarita!
Blue Moon in mason jars.
Hanging out on the patio!
It was an ideal Saturday night.


Burgers, beans, and summer squash casserole for dinner!

It was nice to just stay home and hang out.
The next 3 weekends are nonstop chaos, so this was our last chance to relax.
And that is just what we did.

OH..We also made beeritas....
Kind of like the ones we had in THIS post, but obviously, homemade!
If you like beer, and you like margaritas. Make this!
And if you drink out of mason jars it will taste extra delicious.

PS Two months from today I will be a MARRIED woman.
It just freaks me out that tomorrow I can say I am getting married in LESS than two months.
Not because of the actual getting married.
But because I have so much crap to do before May 19.

OH WELL....2 months and one day til PUNTA CANA!!


Holly said...

looks like a great day!
and 2 months! woo hoooo!

Valerie Griffin said...

the food looks yummy!

Ketrin Jones said...

how fun!! looks like you both had a great time! Oh & I ONLY drink out of mason jars.. water & all. I love them. Must be a texas thing :)

Jes said...

margarita's and mason jars sounds amazing!
xx jes

Melissa Knott said...

Yay!! I just found your blog and I LOVE hearing about weddings!! I have tons of advice on my blog (or you can pick my brain) if you need help with ANYTHING!

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