Friday, March 9, 2012

My not fun Friday

High Five Friday!!!

Happy Friday everyone:)
This post comes straight from yours work.
I work til 9 tonight and I am SO tired.
I got an awful nights sleep, so here I am blogging and sipping on this.
Cinnamon vanilla Starbucks coffee. Via the Keurig. Yum!
I prefer about a half/half ratio of creamer to coffee.
And I'm not sorry about it.

I found some pretty amazing sunglasses at the dollar spot at Target today.
The closely resemble these bad boys...
They pretty much scream " I am not practical" but hey, they were one dollar!
Holla for a dolla!

Today I went to Hobby Lobby and got some crafts to make a new wreath!
I made my first wreath for Christmas.
And this little sucker was addicting. I couldn't stop adding balls!
Nor could I stop making them. I made like 4.
My next project is a lot less....Over the top?
So expect a DIY post coming your way.
Although I am sure it won't be new to any of you. Thanks pinterest.

The ONE good thing about this Friday is that tomorrow I am get to see my BFF!!
We are having a little getaway with our men in Ft Worth.
We will be staying in Sundance Square getting into trouble I'm sure.
I have never met her boyfriend so he better be on his best behavior.
I would hate for him to fail the best friend test.
Just kidding. Only I'm really not.

So maybe I will be back Monday with lots of crazy stories to share.
Have a great weekend:-)


Jes said...

cinnamon vanilla starbucks? um. sounds amazing.

happy weekend!
xx jes

The Sweetest Thing said...

looks like i need to go buy this new starbucks coffee- I quit using my keurig bc I didnt like the flavors!

Ashley said...

Happy High Five Friday!!! Can't wait to see the new DIY!!!

P.s check out my give away on my blog!!!