Thursday, March 8, 2012

My makeup bag!

Lately, I have been kiind of obsessed with trying new products.
Nothing fancy, just branching out.
Last week, David took me on a little weeknight date to Target...
and bought me make up. Yes. Best date ever.
I got a bunch of new things, and here are some that I really like!

The ELF blush and bronzer combo palette.
 I like this a lot! And for $3, you can't beat it.

I also got an ELF eyeliner pencil in Turquoise
It was only $1, and comes with a sharpener in the lid.
I  didn't hear about ELF until recently and I have liked most products I have gotten.
If you aren't familiar, it is make up that is sold for $1, $3, and $5 dollars.
The only thing I bought and didn't like so far was their mascara.
You can find it at Target, and I'm not sure where else.

I also got a Revlon lip butter.
It is a new product, and I really like mine.
I thought it would be more "buttery" but it is more glossy than regular lipstick.
I got this in peach something or other. I really like  it.

Maybelline eye tatoo
This is a cream eye shadow and I got it in the white looking color.
I honestly don't like the way it feels on my finger when I put it on.
I just use it under my regualr eye shadow and it makes it last longer and stick really well.

Garnier roll on concealer
I heard a lot  of other people talk about this.
It is a roll on concealer that gets rid of puffiness and dark circles.
It says is also has caffine in it. Kinda weird but whatever.
I love it.

Last but not least.
This dry shampoo
I think I already mentioned this but I had to do it again.
It is awesome. You do have to go to Ulta or Sallys for this. but it works serious MAGIC!
Go buy it if you are into dry shampoo.

What are your favorite beauty products?
aka what else do I need to go get??


Valerie Griffin said...

i've been wanting to try that lip butter!

Karla said...

I was about to purchase that roll on concealer the other day but got scared, does it look cakie? I want something that helps me with my dark circles ASAP!

Lay said...

I've also eyed that concealer for a couple of weeks now but haven't purchased it yet - might have to try it out! I don't really have issues with dark circles that much, but they do pop up every once in a while unfortunately! Oh, and ELF = LOVE.

Rebekah said...

I only have a few elf products but I love their highlighter! I love dry shampoo! I use Suave and it's great when I don't have time to spend on my hair!

Corianne said...

I love drug store finds! These are awesome!

For nailpolish, I'm a huge OPI/Essie fan - you should try L'oreal Bijou Crystals... one coat perfection :)

Ashley said...

i am a product whore - i love the latest and greatest thing!! i have that elf bronzer/blush palette and i love it - that bronzer is a pretty darn close match to NARS bronzer!!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

do you like the undereye concealer more than just regular concealer? i may have to try that. and yes, i cant wait for the new skinny drinks to come out!