Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Birchbox

So this month I got a subscription to Birchbox!
I got my first box and I was like a kid on Christmas.
I love getting packages and surprises so this is right up my alley.
And to top it all off I love everything I got except one things that's totally out of my comfort zone.
Here is what I got in my March Birchbox.

I snapped a picture of my box!

Oh and ps if you live under a rock...
Birchbox costs $10 a month and you can cancel at anytime.
They send you like 5-6 beauty products in this adorable box complete with pink tissue paper.
Just a fun and cheap way to try new things!!

Here is what I got...for real this time.
 Yes this is really called stripper on the go go.
I already used one of my samples. I got two.
It worked just fine but I don't see myself buying them.
I don't often find myself in an emergency nail polish situation on the go go.
Sooo ill stick with my cheap bottle as opposed to these 12 dollar pads.
 THIS is what I will never use. Maybe try but I don't see it going well.
It is sticker eye liner and you have to like cut it to the shape and size you want it.
I know certain people that this could work for....not me.
 Fashion tape!
I actually have some of this already, not sure if it is the same brand.
I will use it and we will if  it is better than the one I already own.
 This is an oil treatment for your hair. Orofluido Beauty Elixir to be exact.
Before I read what it actually was I thought it was perfume.
It smells like a DREAM and I cant wait to try it!
 Speaking of smelling like a dream...
This perfume is Annick Goutal - Eau d' Hadrien.
Don't ask me to pronounce that...BUT it smells awesome. I would buy this for sure.
David told me it smells like pineapple and I quickly scolded him telling him it smelled nothing like it.
Well then I watched someone elses BB video and that girl said "Mmm smells like pineapple"
I still do not get that scent AT ALL...but obviously to some it does.
Lastly I got this Juice Beauty face wash.
I have not tried it yet just because I never stray from my face wash.
I will try it sometime though. Maybe after the wedding because I really don't want to mess up my skin right now.


Jes said...

i have been waiting for mine ever so anti patiently!!!!!
xx jes

Holly said...

I need to get on it and order these!

Lay said...

Can I just tell you how upset I am at Birchbox for a sec?! I waited like a month to get a subsciption email from them to only find out they don't ship to Canada!! SO UPSET! It made me so sad, I was looking forward to getting little goodies every month! I'll just have to live vicariously through you. :)

Jennifer said...

Hey thanks for linking up to the Birchbox Beauty Bash girl! I got the eyeliner stickers last month and haven't tried them yet, if I do I will definitely be blogging about it ha!! Hope to see you next month!