Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I am loving today!

There is something about spring and warm weather that just makes me smile.
I can't believe tomorrow is March!!
Time is FLYING!

I am loving the weather we are having today.
It is my definition of perfection.
I hope to take Cade outside after his nap!
Makes me want to sit out side and drink iced tea:)

I am loving this sweet baby
I will be so sad when I move after my wedding and wont see him almost everyday.
But I am looking forward to sleepovers at Aunt Sissy's!

I am loving TEA from Starbucks
I have loved chai tea forever,
but the passion is a new find and I love them both.

Dry shampoo
Batiste dry shampoo specifically.
I have tried two other kinds before and was never impressed,
but then I heard about this and bought it and I love it.
I have the thinnest hair known to mankind(dead serious).
This stuff works wonders.
I can actually  go a day without washing my hair now.

I hope everyone is having a nice little Wednesday.
I am off to look for hostess gifts for my shower in a few weeks:)


Jes said...

shaken passion iced tea lemonades make my day functionable!

Ophelia said...

i love sb's passion tea but I've never ever had chia tea, weird huh?

Ashley said...

what a little love!!!

and i too love some sbux chai tea!

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

Soooo cute!! I love your little one! And I've never heard of that dry shampoo..maybe I'll give it a go!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

does that dry shampoo work as good as baby powder? my hair is a grease mess too and i tried dry shampoo once and it didnt work as well as powder. maybe i should try it!

Lay said...

I'll have to try this dry shampoo... I have tresemme right now and although I use it quite often, if I put too much in my hair, it turns white lol

Lyndsey said...

I love starbucks green tea lemonade sweetened!