Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy weekend!

Is it seriously Sunday night?
This weekend was like... non existent.
Yesterday David worked all day, and I had to babysit last night.
So basically, today was the extent of our weekend together.
Saturday lunch. Grilled cheese, and baked doritos....My fave!
Walking around the outdoor mall on a beautiful day!
My random drink of choice at Starbucks!

This is what I came home to after working Saturday night.
Brownie points for David!
Good weather on Sunday afternoon= Bud Light Lime on the patio
We went to the restaurant that our rehearsal dinner is going to be to reserve our room!
We eneded up with one of these and some nachos!
My own personal chauffeur.
I am a dork....I know:-)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Valerie Griffin said...

looks like a super fun weekend! :)

Ophelia said...

looks like a great weekend! whatever that drink is with the corona in it looks awesome, i kinda want one now. and those girl scout peanut butter patties are my favvvvv but I'm not eating chocolate right now :(

andy brienne said...

That looks like the perfect weekend. You two are cute. And I'm craving peanut butter like crazy now.

Holly said...

Looks like a great weekend :)

Lay said...

Mmmm I could seriously use a BLL right now. The deliciousness always remind me of summer!

Jes said...

first time at your blog and this post has me hooked! well actually, the first picture did because i am a huge fan of baked doritos with my grilled cheese :)
can't wait to follow your blog!