Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday. HONEYMOON.

Sometimes in the middle of  all the wedding stress,
and hectic planning I remember I get to go on an awesome vacation.
It totally gets put on the back burner and I hardly ever think about it.
But when I do, I get totally PUMPED!

We pretty much had two requirements for our honeymoon.
Beach. And all inclusive.
I just want to relax, sunbathe, and drink adult beverages on my honeymoon.
We may venture out for some adventurous water "excursions"
but other than that, you can find me at the pool.

SO where are we going?
Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.
We are going to the Iberostar resort.
They have tons of locations but we picked this one.
They have some family resorts, but this particular one is adult only.
That seemed to fit perfectly for a honeymoon.
It hasn't even really sunk in that I am going here.
David and I have never been on vacation alone together.
We have gone on two, with both of  our families.
To say I am excited is an understatement!!!
It is going to be paradise.
Especially after a crazy wedding week/month!
I CANNOT wait. Seriously.

I need to get to shopping for some new cute bathing suits!


Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

OMGosh that looks like so much fun!!! and it is SO Beautiful! Good luck on the bathing suit hunt! :) have a good week


Sunkissed and Southern said...

we went to punta cana and it was really fun!! the recipes for the mashed potatoes is linked to the post. enjoy!

Holly said...

ahhh soooo lucky!!!!


Courtney B said...

SO jealous :) I've always want to go to DR! I am so excited for you :)

Lay said...

You guys will have so much fun!

Steph said...

Looks beautiful! We still haven't decided where we are going on our honeymoon...Corgey gets to pick. But he did mention the Dominican Republic and I thought he was crazy until I saw your post! It looks amazing there!! Guess I'll let him keep it on the list!

Rissy said...

wow! I am totally jealous! that place looks amazing! I officially want to spend more money on my honeymoon than the wedding haha