Thursday, February 23, 2012

The last 13!

Today I am doing a fun little link up!
The last 13 things...

The last thing I ate
I ate a smart one for lunch.
Fancy huh?

The last thing I bought
Bread, fruit, sushi, and baked chips mostly.

The last thing I read
I can't remember which was the last book,
because i read a lot in like a month.
Next on my list though
It is sitting in my room begging to be read!

The last thing I laughed at
Really laughed at?
A FUNNY remark David made last night.

The last thing I cooked
I made homemade ham and cheese kolaches, and peanut butter cookies Friday.
I made them for our road trip and they were delicious!

The last thing I baked
Umm I just answered that on accident.
Peanut butter cookies!

The last thing I crafted
It was a Valentine craft.
Pretty sure i promised to post about it and never did,
Here it is
Very cute. It was a pinterest find.

The last thing I drooled over
Clothes. I love  all of the spring dresses.
I think I need some new ones for my honeymoon. Yes?

The last thing I coveted
A coach purse. I want a new big purse and I am spoiled with Coach.
Isn't she pretty?
I am fully aware she will never be mine though.

The last thing I wore
weelll right now I am wearing...
Skinny jeans
Target v neck
Loft cardigan

The last thing I craved
Cookies. I keep reading about you people eating girl scout cookies.
I have not seen one single girl scout selling cookies.
I want some.

The last thing I was thankful for
My fiance!
When you spend  20 hours in a car with someone,
you start to become really thankful that they are so awesome.

Go link up with Jenna if you wanna play along!


Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

You are too cute! Can you pretty please send me some of those cookies?! :) My belly neeeds them!! Ha

Thanks for linking up!!


Chelsea said...

I want to do this! How fun! Also. I feel like I need that ham and cheese thing in my belly asap. That looks amazing.

Jenn @ said...

Hi! Followed your link from The Life of the Wife. Love the purse! I'm spoiled with Coach too, but only because the outlet is about 10 miles from my house. Happy Thursday :-) jenn