Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday randoms

Time for a totally random post.

First off, I do realize I totally ignored Valentine's day on the ole blog.
We intentionally didn't do much.
I told David no flowers or anything.
He did leave a few roses throughout the house for me to find when I woke up.
He had to do just enough to make sure he didn't get in trouble:)

We ate dinner with my whole family.
Romantic huh? We had steaks and twice baked potatoes.
I made a coconut creme pie for dessert and it turned out great.
If I do say so myself.

He got me something I have been wanting since Christmas.
 Don't worry. I was not offended.
I have been talking about wanting this book.
I feel like there is a lot I don't know about my camera.
And I will take all of the help I can get.
I'm really excited to learn some new things.
Next on my wish list is Lightroom 3.

My mom also got me a Valentine.
She never fails.
She got me some home decor stuff from world market.
Two vibrantly colored lanterns.
Red and turquoise.
She also got me this adorable "LOVE" pillow.
The one on the left.
I guess it was technically a Valentine's pillow,
but I want it to go on our bed.
The little birds match the color of the comforter I registered for.
My sister also got my some really cute stuff for my kitchen.

Yes, cupcake measuring spoons.
They are adorable!!

OK so I think I'm accidentally making a Valentine's post.
Moving on.

Today we had beautiful weather down here in TX.
It was sunny and 72 degrees.
I took my nephew outside to play on our first warm day.
He just walked and walked and walked.
Here are some pictures from our little outing.

So I will most definitely me absent for the next 3-4 days.
David and I are leaving for Mardi Gras in the morning.
I am super excited!!
He is from Baton Rouge, and his mom lives in NO.
She lives about 5 miles from the quarter.

Last year we got engaged while in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
It is crazy to think that was a year ago!!
I plan on taking my flip cam.
I have the greatest intentions of making a Mardi Gras weekend video,
and sharing it with you guys.
I always have intentions of taking tons of pictures and videos.
Then we get super busy and distracted and I get so mad at myself.
I will try my very best though!

I will be twittering all weekend though.
Is twittering a word?
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Stephanie said...

Ah, I miss Mardi Gras! My mom sends me a king cake every year. Have so much fun!

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

Oh that pie looks so good! And can you please tell your mom to make ME a pillow too? ;)


Daisy said...

I have always wanted to go! It looks like it would be a lot of fun. Enjoy :) Cute blog by the way.

Stacy said...

Have a great trip and get back safe!