Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Confessions.

Time for some Friday Confessions.

My first confession is that every time I write these posts...
I think of Confessions by Usher.
It is such a jam.

Moving on...

I have recently become addicted to beauty videos on YouTube.
I don't even know how i discovered them!
All it makes me want to do is buy make up and beauty products.
I love it though.
I have gotten some great products out of this.
Like dry shampoo.
I may even do my very own beauty post!
We will see.
I want this
Anyone own it?

I have a new found love for Zac Efron.
I recently saw him on Ellen with Taylor Swift.
I haven't seen much of him since High School Musical...
Which is a confession in itself(I LOVED those).
But he is seriously good looking.
It isn't even debatable.

He has a new movie coming out.
The Lucky One.
I can't wait to see it!

I have totally fallen off of the healthy eating train.
I AM getting back on.
I mean my wedding is coming up and obviously,
nobody wants to be an oopma loompa at their own wedding.
BUT, even more so, I wanna look good at the beach on my honeymoon.
Am I right or am I right?
Maybe if I actually document this, the healthy eating will find its way back to my mouth.

I mean,  last night I had margs and mexican on my childhood bff.
Somehow our meals together always end up lasting about 3 hours.
I love it.

Have a great weekend!!


Ashley said...

I was thinking Zac was pretty good looking too... but felt sinful thinking that... he is young... right? But now I don't feel bad thinking it, because I now know that I am not the only one!! Have a good weekend!!

Holly said...

Zac is HOTT. haha.
Call me a cougar ;) lol

Those margs look delicious!

Have a great weekend :)

Rebekah said...

I LOVE the Naked Palette! I don't use everything just because I don't have a reason too, but I love the shades I do use. I can't say enough good things about it!

Shayna said...

Found your blog via the link-up! I LOVE Mexican food! Could eat it almost everyday if my body would let me! & I too have been in a slump about working out but, I started logging it on my blog this week & it has really helped me stay on track!


Lay said...

I totally agree with you about the beauty vids... I am an avid watcher of makeupbytiff... I've learnt so much from her (including dry shampoo!)

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

oh my gosh! you're adorable.

ah, the pre-wedding diet. you can do it girl...i want you lookin' HOT HOT HOT on that beach with your man!!

Valerie Griffin said...

Naked Palette is AMAZING!

& I love Zac Efron :)