Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What the ????

Mardi Gras Edition
As you may have heard, Mardi Gras gets a little wild.
One of the great things about Mardi Gras is that you can get away with ANYTHING.
Wear anything, yell anything, drink anything.
Things are ok there that are not socially acceptable anywhere else. Ever.

Here are a few things I saw this year that made me say
What the french??
First and foremost.
Girls walking around topless with their tatas painted.
I only saw one person do this, but dang.
Bold move.
She even took pictures with random people.
Luckily this girl had a very nice rack, otherwise it could have been offensive.
Shocking? Maybe a little at first, but oh well.
If ya got it flaunt it.

Grown people fighting over parade paraphernalia.
Beads, frisbies, stuffed animals, cups. Oh the cups.
You would think it was the last cup in Louisiana.
People take this stuff extremely seriously.

Cross dressers.
Im not here to judge.
But some of these (mostly guys) people are just plain ridiculous.
I mean I know its Mardi Gras and like i said, anything goes,
and these people take full advantage.
It mostly consists of a lot of paint.
Not a lot of clothes.
And HIGH heels.
Get it "guurl"

Drink prices.
This is a given, obviously.
You CAN find good deals, but for the most part, its an arm and a leg.
And maybe even your first born.
Can't put a price on fun though, right??
But really, you cant.
It was all worth every penny.
And I  will be back next year to spend all my pennies again!

If you missed my Mardi Gras weekend recap, you can find it below!
I MIGHT have a little Mardi Gras VLOG coming soon.
Whoo hoo!


Ashley said...

oh girl - i can only imagine!!! my friend went to key west during fantasy fest and it sounds exactly like your mardi gras experience!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

So fun!