Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random ramblings and confessions!

Here are some confessions for ya..
I send David outfit pictures. Like kind of a lot.
Is that normal or is it so 2003/myspacey?
Either way, I do it and I'm not going to quit.
And he at least pretends to like them.

My mom made me one of my favorite breakfasts today.
Because, pretty much most breakfasts are my favorite.
I like to think I'm not spoiled.
Maybe I'm just getting special treatment because I will be leaving the nest forever in 3 weeks.
Don't cry yet, Mom.

I can't stop finding things  on pinterest I want to recreate.
I saw this and just loved it.
Don't know why but I want to make it happen.
Someday, somehow.
Uh ya, sorry about the ghetto screen shot picture.
BUT isn't the bookshelf cute?
For some reason I am all into rustic.

OK, so I am not a big fan of those hokey signs that are really popular.
But if I was, this one that I saw at Hobby Lobby would be in my kitchen.
If you DO have this in your kitchen, no offense.
I hope we can still be friends.

And lastly..
David and I had this for dinner.
Ya that's right. And it was delicious!
We were at the house assembling beds so I ordered pizza.
Obviously, I use the term "we" very  loosely.
HE was assembling beds while I supervised.

Happy Friday everyone!
I will be flying solo this weekend while Dave is at his bachelor party...
Deep sea fishing. He's a wild child, I know.


Rachel said...

CUTE outfit! Love that dress AND those shoes...where are they from?? I love this post...nothing better than some confessions :) And btw--super jealous of that dinner that you had! Looks amaaaazing! Happy Friday!

I am Megan said...

well, you look gorgeous so I don't think David minds getting pics from you...

LWLH said...

Love that dress and shoes, very cute!

Valerie Griffin said...

oh, that pizza dinner look incredible!

Holly said...

umm hello friend keep on sending pics to your man! Your rockin the dress! :))

Happy Friday! :)

did you get my email about may swaps?

Ashley Kisslinger said...

Love that dress! And your blog!

Ashley said...

i think it's totally cute you send him outfit pics! i like it!

and if your mom needs to make breakfast for someone once you're off and married, I can be your "replacement" ;)

and YUMMMM that pizza!

kelseynell said...

I'm going to start sending pics of my outfits to you.

sophistifunk said...

lol, i always send outfit photos to my boyfriend too! especially when i'm in a dressing room debating whether or not i want to buy something