Friday, April 13, 2012

Confession time...

First confession...
I am blogging on a Friday night.
Loser much? Ya....
I have to be at our new house at 7 am tomorrow.
Our furniture is being delivered between 7am and 10pm.
No that is not a joke. They did say it would probably be earlier since we are more "north".
So probably like 9pm.

It isn't a big deal because I have SO much to do over there, but still.
I would have liked to sleep in a bit.

Confession #2
I NEED to see this movie.
The Lucky One.
I read all of Nicholas Sparks books turned movie in like...high school.
So they have a special little place in my heart.
I still read most of his books, although they don't do as much for me.

Confession #3
There is a place to eat next to Chich Fil a. Del Taco.
Never eaten there.
Because duh, Chick Fil a trumps all.
But...I feel BAD for Del Taco.
There is never a car in the drive through. It just stands alone.
I picture the Del Taco employees sneaking over to Chick Fil a for lunch.
Is it that loved in all places or just here??

Confession #4
A lot of times when I am in the car, it takes me like half the song to realize it is a song I hate.
I have even been singing along.
Then I get mad and change the station.
I realize this probably only happens to me.
Because I am the last person on earth that listens to radio.
I get so mad when it happens though.
It usually gets stuck in my head too.

Goodnight now.


Amie said...

7 AM to 10 PM? What the heck kind of window is that?! Haha. I hear you, so far for my Friday night I had one of those daquiris in a pouch, my husband brought home a brand new weight bench and weight set, and we're watching the Office :) I live a wild life! said...

Haha. Del taco gets plenty of business in Cali I'm sure! And yes we are wedding twins! And house twins too bc we are in the process of looking!

Holly said...

hmm I LOOOVE del taco! yummm!
I want to see the lucky one too!