Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My last night as a single lady

I had the best time ever at my bachelorette party.
I can happily say that every one of my very best friends was there!
First, we went wine tasting. One of my favorite activities.
We went to three different wineries. All within walking distance of each other.
Gotta have your bachelorette pimp cup:)
On our way:)
Two of my best friends since preschool ish
Me and my girl Leah
Enjoying some wine
my jojo!

After the wine tasting we went back to the hotel for food and lingerie.
I got SO much cute stuff. My friends obviously know me well.
I loved everything I got.
I am officially ready to honeymoon now!
My sister did all of the food and decor for the lingerie shower.
She did such an awesome job!
PRECIOUS cupcakes. They obviously went fast.
Lace candle holders, and glass bottle for our Southern Comfort punch. Delicious, by the way.
A cute table with lots of old pictures with friends!

After that, we went out on the town.
We went to a bar/club place called The Glass Cactus.
It really doesn't matter where we went, I would have had a blast with my best friends.
We danced the night away with each other and had so much fun.
You know it was a good time because I woke up Sunday in my hot pink dress.
 Success in my book.
Ready for our night out!

Such a great night.
I feel so lucky to have such amazing girlfriends.
I know everyone thinks they have the best girls but I really do!
I will see you all again in 3 weeks! EEEEEK!
Love you girls!!


Valerie Griffin said...

Yay! Looks like a great time with some great friends! Glad y'all had so much fun :)

Cori H. said...

Sounds like you had a successful bachelorette party! Love your dress!

Holly said...

Looks like you had a blast! loooove your dress! :)

Ashley said...

awww a success!!! you have such beautiful friends! i guess pretty people run in packs ;) love everyone's dresses!

3 weeks!!!!!!

LWLH said...

Sounds like a blast!! :)

Leah B Blogging said...

Seriously such a fun weekend!! Jennifer did such an awesome job planning everything.

kelseynell said...

There was nothing better than seeing you do your walk of shame the next morning from your room to ours during your quest for Advil. Successful evening indeed.