Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No good, very bad day.

I am probably going to be a total buzzkill right now.
My my entire Monday was pretty ridiculous.
You might as well chalk the day up as a loss when you get in your car
first thing in the morning and your gas light is on.
So, I head to the gas station and go about my day.

Enter lunch break.
I go to the bank to deposit some checks. No debit card.
No debit card anywhere. Awesome.
I had it 4 hours ago which means I dropped it somewhere.
And since I ddint drop it in my wallet or my car or my purse, I am left with the gas station.
Ok whatever fine. At least I was at the bank. Quick fix.

SOOO then after work I go pick up my WEDDING INVITES.
So fun and exciting.
So I meet up with mom and sister and then remember about the invites in my truck.
I run outside, grab one out of my trunk run inside and show them.
Time to go....Where are my keys??
OH in my trunk where i set them down when  I grabbed the invite.
Did I mention my car was locked?
I called our AAA service which is roadside assistance that my parents pay for every month.
I will spare you details but they were about as helpful swimsuit in a snow storm.
Like unbelievably incompetant. So after 3 hours I cancelled the whole thing.
Needless to say they got a phone call the next day.

At the end of the day I just had to laugh.
The rest of my week has been significantly better.


Rachel said...

Poor thing! I hate days like that. Praying for you and sending happy thoughts your way...hoping this week is getting better for you! Sometimes you just have to laugh at life and then move on :)

Ashley said...

holy crap! you DID have a bad day! Hopefully you got all your "bad things come in threes" out in one fail swoop and have some smooth and fun days ahead!

Holly said...

Poor thing :(
Hope it gets better for you!

Lay said...

Ahh... I know the feeling. I've had a couple of those over the last 2 months. And they always seem to fall on a MOnday. Go figure!