Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love/hate you pinterest

So we all know everyone and their dog is addicted to pinterest.
And that is where I first spotted something I knew I wanted in my new house.

I love the cream and wood table.
I found an adorable one at pier1.
The table and chairs were like 1200 bucks or something.
Then my mom hit up craigs list and found a great wood table and said lets paint it ourselves.
I was sold. I went and paid $ dollars for a brand new table.
The lady was getting rid of it because she was moving.
It still had the tags on it. Such a steal.
Then it was time to paint.

I think the chairs are so cute!

Here is my finished product!
It looks just as good if I do say so myself.
I got the end chairs and covers from pier1.

I said many times I don't know how anyone planned a wedding before pinterest.
Now I couldn't decorate without it.
I asked my mom what I should put in the center of the table.
What did she say?
You better start looking on pinterest.
Of course....


Nikki said...

Wow....You did a great job! Super cute.

Valerie Griffin said...

it looks GREAT!

brittany kuhn said...

Wow I just love your table! I am now scowering Craigslist for a table!!! Thanks for the inspiration (:

Holly said...

it looks great!!!
ahh I love pinterest BUT I love deals even better!

McKae @ kaes corner design said...

Oh it looks so good! I love Craigslist, I just bought a table I found from there as well and am in the process of painting it. I hope it turns out as cute as yours! You house is darling!
You have a new follower!


kelseynell said...

Gob well done, Cat. You're a woman after my own heart.