Monday, April 9, 2012

Crawfish boil

Saturday we had a crawfish boil in Baton Rouge.
I had never been to one before I found my little cajun.
They are so much fun.
It helped that the weather could not have been better.
We just hung out in the back yard, ate lots of crawfish, Easter candy,
and had fun hiding eggs for the little ones. Over and over again.
Then the adults got involved and got a little competetive about who could hide eggs the best:)
I forgot my camera! I was very upset, so all my pictures are iphone pictures.
Oh well:(
Crawfish, corn, and potatoes.
Those suckers are hard for this Texan to peel.
They can peel about 5 to my 1.
Don't worry, David slipped me some of his....
Brothers eating crawfish.

Our nieces playing with the LIVE crawfish before they were dinner.
They were entertained for hours! Carrying them around like pets.
Some of those things were huge. Looks like a lobster!

We had so much fun! The next time I see all of them, it will be my wedding weekend!
So crazy.
David is going back before for a deep sea fishing trip, but I am staying here.


Valerie Griffin said...

yum, i LOVE crawfish!

Jes said...

i am DROOLING! looks so delish.

Melissa Knott said...

The part of this post that really stood out for me? THE WEDDING! So exciting!

Stephanie said...

OMG! I have the biggest crawfish craving right now. They are sooo hard to find and sooo expensive in Charleston. Looks like I'll have to make a trip home to get my fix!

Holly said...

I've never had crawfish but looks like a great time!


Lindsey said...

My nephew loves Playing with crawfish too! Your neices are too cute and that is a lot of crawfish! I've never eaten it though scares me!

Danielle said...

Those girls are DARLING!! Love your blog.