Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekend with the nephew

Well we had a little change of plans this weekend,
and did not go on our road trip.
Something came up in my family, 
so I stayed in town to help take care of my nephew.

We made the best of our weekend home and
I always love spending time with the baboo.
Get ready for Cade overload.

Friday afternoon was spent playing outside.
A boy and his car.
Then we discovered the water hose.

Insert nap time.
He did NOT want to wake up!

That night we headed to dinner with Nana and Papa.
After dinner with Uncle Dave!

Saturday we just played and ran some errands!
Cade and Aunt Sissy.

He loved the fishy!
Then we chilled out and watched his favorite movie...CARS!

So glad I got to spend time with him and my family all weekend!
Hopefully we will do a make up trip to LA very soon.


CATMOM said...

The sweetest baby ever! Thanks for all your help.

Shane said...

What a little cutie patootie! His smile is adorable :)

xo Shane