Monday, July 16, 2012

All about Courtney

Today I am giving you the 411.
All about me:)
Yes, today is your lucky day.
Endless random facts about yours truly.
Lets begin with the basics.

To my very best friend. David.

I love nothing more than hanging out with our families and best friends.
We are blessed with the best we could hope for.

I love my nephew more than anything in the world.
I have actually asked David if I will like our kids as much as I like him.
Serious concern here.
Cooking is my most favorite hobby.
I love trying new recipes.
Luckily I have a really great guinea pig at home.
Need a good recipe? Done!
In the past...I dunno, year or so, I have become a self proclaimed wino.
It is my favorite. I love going wine tasting.
That is what I did for my bachelorette party!
At my bachelorette party!
If I had to pick one day of my life to relive...
It would be my "first date" with David.
We had met one time before and our date lasted over 24 hours.
In the most lady like way possible;)
If I won the lottery I would buy a boat.
That is the only way it would ever be allowed.
David says they suck money out of your bank account....
Or some nonsense like that.
Bye bye dream boat.
I am still best friends with the same girls I was in highschool!
I think that is rare and I am so lucky to have such a good group!
We know how to have a good time.
I love reality TV.
Bachelor(ette), Teen Mom, Real housewives.
Yep, I'm there.
And I can say with much confidence that I have no shame.
I get startled really easily.
I am the person that jumps when the toast is done.
I am super weird.
I know most people say that . But I really am.
Ask my mother.
My favorite guilty pleasure food is chips.
Is that really lame?
I can't help it. I love them,
My favorite?
I aspire to grow a really fabulous garden in the spring.
David thinks I need to stop killing hanging plants first.
A girl can dream.
My new favorite city(since meeting David) is New Orleans.
This city is the Jack of all trades.
Mardi Gras is seriously the bomb.
Plus I got engaged there.
David and I got engaged 7 months after we met.
He bought the ring after 4 months.
We have a really crazy story of how we met that I have never shared.
I will soon though!
Wednesday marks the anniversary of the day we met.
Seems like a perfect time to share!
Is that enough random facts about me?
Go link up with Becky so we can get to know you.


Cheryl Enlow said...

So glad I ran across your blog thru the link up. You sound very fun :) I have actually never been to N.O. but would love to go. Drinking and good food is right up my alley :)

Mandy said...

That dinner looks DELICIOUS!

Mrs. Mama said...

I want to grow a garden too! My brother has HUGE one... I just need to learn!

thanks for linking up :)

Ashley said...

Just checked out your blog through Becky's link-up...even when I was pregnant, I had the SAME fear that I wouldn't like my own kid(s) as much as I love my niece! Of course, that changed very quickly once my daughter was born :)

The Vintage Modern Wife said...

love your blog! found it through Becky's link up. I'm excited that you're a Texan too! What area are you in? I'm in Waco

Tami said...

That's awesome that you are still best friends with your high school girls! I've only kept in touch with a few friends and I think it's kind of sad. I'm a fellow Texas girl though I've lived away from our great state for over 10 years! I sure miss it though!

The Michelle Show said...

Glad to learn a little more about you!

elise said...

new[est] follower. love your blog.

Jasmine said...

found you through the link up. great little nuggets of info! Can't wait to hear how you met.

undomestic chica said...

I've always heard it's better to have friends with boats than actually own one yourself. But we can dream, right?

Leah said...

Heck yes we know how to have a good time!!

Summer said...

how cute, you and your blog! I to have the same bffs I did in HS! It is rare and I love these girls to the moon and back! Some of us have been bff's since age 4! Love them we always play girls just wanna have fun cause we do at's right lol! On our recent BFF's bachelorette spa day we were off the chain, they told us to calm down ha! That is what happens when you get us all together lol! That and mimosa's ha! OK so I love all your pics and answers! You are so funny! Glad to have ran into your blog! Looking foward to reading more!