Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hey, I'm married.

Remember that one time, when I got married?
And then I didn't post a single picture of the wedding?
I wanted to wait to get ALL of my pictures first, and I did like 2 weeks ago!
Here are some of the highlights.
I will do (several) more posts this week with more!!
So, I hope you are ready for picture overload.
All of my photographs were taken by Kelly Kate Photography.

Also, my wedding and reception were at my parents house in the country.
So. That is where all the pictures are taken.

Before the ceremony. We did all pictures after our first look.
Straight to the reception is the way to go.

 Reception shoes

 Ceremony shoes

 Sneak peak of first look.
I will do a whole post of them. It was the best decision.

Beautiful flowers.

Our wedding party

Sign out front.

This was behind us during the ceremony.
Mom and I found it at an antique store. I loved it.
It is now in our dining room.

 Maybe my favorite picture.

 After we were husband and wife.

 First dance

There will be TONS more coming soon.


Tiffany said...

Beautiful photos! Loved your reception TOMS :) you look stunning! Can't wait to see the rest!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful!! We did a first look too and it was definitly the best decision we made during the whole wedding planning process. Our favorite wedding photos are from our first look. BTW your flowers are insanely beautiful. I can't wait to see more pictures!

Kaity said...

Wow! What a beautiful location! And I love that you wore Toms- I'm wearing Toms too!

Leah B Blogging said...

Beautiful pictures from such a happy and fun day!! I love y'all!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

these are beautiful! I got married June 1st and I'm still waiting on mine!

Erin said...

Everything looked gorgeous!!

elise said...

your dress was stunning! congrats!

undomestic chica said...

These photos are gorgeous.

Steph said...

SO sorry I am just now seeing this but everything looks so beautiful!! Your dress, the house, the flowers, everything looked so, so wonderful. Hope you're enjoying married live!

Peter Pothier said...

Congratulations, Courtney! You and your husband look good, and the photos do too! I particularly like the “Our Wedding Party” and “Sign out front” shots that have the “exposure blending” and “sunset light to light portrait” effects. I think there are a couple of pictures taken that have the infrared photography effect too.

Peter Pothier