Monday, June 18, 2012

The time a blew my diet!

Well my weekend was a quick one.
David and I both worked all day Saturday.
So Saturday night, David took me out for a night on the town.
It was a good surprise.
Now, since the actual honeymoon is officially over,
I figured it was time to start eating like a civilized person again.
I would hate to gain the newlywed fifteen.
That is not a good look.

So this week we made a conscious effort to get back to a healthy diet.
Not to be confused with going on a diet.
We had lots of delicous healthy dinners....
And that all went out the window Saturday night:)
Being married means mastering the self timer.

We went to one of our favorite places, Pappadeaux!
Their food is to die for, and I have the pictures to prove it.
If you hate food pictures, run for you life.

It all started out very innocently with this amazing salad.
That just happened to be covered in bacon and bleu cheese dressing.

David went for the peppered tuna.

For dinner I had redfish covered in lobster with parmasean risotto.
It was just as good as it looks and sounds.

I also stole some of David's SIDE of onion rings.
Biggest side ever.

And here is the real kicker...
You will all be really jealous and want to hurt me.
I had had it before and I will have again.
Chocolate cake is my absolute favorite thing to eat in his world,
and this one is the best I have ever had,
And no, I did not share this. It was all mine.
I told David that if I went on that show,
"The Best Thing I Ever Ate", I would pick this.

We resumed back to normal tonight with a fabulous meal
of grilled chicken and broccoli. Whoo hoo.
I sincerely apologize for making an entire post on food.
Kind of....


Rebekah said...

It is perfectly fine to have an entire post dedicated to food! It's also okay to splurge now and then. That dessert looks amazing!

Ashley said...

hey ooooone dinner wont kill you or put on the 15! i think splurges help you stick to your overall health plan! you guys looks so cute! what a fun night out!

Lacey said...

Ahhh ALLL of that looks delish!! You guys look so happy! I'm glad you got to have a night on the town together :)

ps, love your dress!

Alyssa said...

Those onion rings look delicious!! I am so craving them now!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. I saw the "lettuce" and was like, "what is she talking about? ... she's eating a salad!" ... then I read further ... oh and saw the onion rings and cake.
you are my kind of girl! eat it up! ;)