Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just hanging out

Yesterday while David was at work, my mom came over to help decorate our house.
It seems like a never ending process. But a fun one.
Yesterday was spent hanging lots of decor.
My picture wall is coming along nicely.
(even though when I look at this picture everything looks crooked.)
I swear in real life these things look straight. I'll  have to work on it.

I finally got all my jewelry from my parents house and hung it up in a little corner of our bedroom.
I had this in my bathroom before, but there is not enough wall space here.
There is plenty of wall space in our bedroom and I like  how it looks.
The bathroom door is directly right of this, and a window directly to the left.
I think it was a cute way to make up this little corner.
I also added this little frame above our dresser in the bedroom.
I am ready  to get our wedding pictures back so we can put up pictures of things other than ourselves.
I promise we are not in love with ourselves.

Lastly, I added this picture in the kitchen.
I love the rooster:)
Not to mention every word on there speaks the truth...

We also hung some curtains in the dining room,
and a few things in the guest bedrooms. Not in love with them though.
It is a work in progress and in my moms words "that's part of the fun."
Part of me agrees and part of me wants it all done asap.

Before David and I got married I lived at home for a year and half,
so it is fun to spend my Saturdays that David works with my mom.
We just did things around my house, went grocery shopping, and shopped for my sisters birthday,
but we had a great Saturday just hanging out. It was fun!


Rebekah said...

I love everything you've done! I'm glad you had a fun day with your mom!

Erin said...

I love the Rooster!

With Glitter On Top said...

just found your blog and I absolutely adore it so I am now a new follower :D love ALL of your pics! looks like you guys had such an amazing honeymoon, and congrats on being newlyweds, so exciting!! Please come check out my blog sometime :):)