Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I need you Nate Berkus

I need help and I need it now.
I have relapsed and have fallen back into my pinterest addiction.
I kind of fell off the bandwagon when I was BUSY planning my wedding.
But now I am a married woman with many free nights,
only to be found perusing pinterst day dreaming about decorating my house.
I talked in my last post about it being a work in progress, and that's ok with me.
My latest things to obsess over are as follows.

Number one....by far.
Our built in shelves in the living room.
They have SO much potential and I just want to create a fabulously eclectic display
like all of the picture perfect ones on pinterest.

I mean. It is just so perfectly haphazardly thrown together.
Next..our mantle.
I keep throwing up random things and taking them down.
Enter pinterest.

So simple and pretty.
Maybe I just need to print some pictures and head to Home Goods.

And...The dining room table.
Now, this is no fancy schmancy dining room.
I just want something besides our huge box of cheez its from Sams on the table.

I love that crate with assorted dishes and flowers.
How can I make this happen?
Nate Berkus if you are reading this....Come on over and help a girl out!


Anonymous said...

Pinterest always gets me in trouble!!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think you are doing an excellent job making our house a home. I've never been much for decorating. So I'm very glad I have a woman that is so very good at it. :)