Friday, May 11, 2012


Well we have almost made it.
We are one week away from the wedding weekend!
I could NOT be happier that it is FRIDAY!
This weekend will be busy and filled with all things wedding/moving.
It seems like the closer we get the faster the weeks fly by.
I'm sure I will find a little bit of time for some relaxation with David
Hopefully fit in one of these tonight.
(A Picture sent to me by my BFF)
If you have seen these and have been hesitant to buy them.
Let me assure you they are delicious and great over ice.
To me it taste way more like a margarita on the rocks than it does beer.
Go getcha some for the weekend:)

My Friday could not have started out any better because.....
That's right, its official. This is actually going to happen.
We got our marriage license this morning.
It was so exciting and yes I made David take a picture in front of the courthouse.
I don't know how I got such a great guy.
One guy was literally laughing at us as he walked by because we were taking a picture.
David goes... "ya he is probably divorced". Haha.

He also made me this for dessert tonight.
Nothing says I love you like a personal sized brownie fresh out of the oven.
It is the small things.

And the final thing that made my day was this.
My wedding day (May 19) was finally on the 10 day forecast.
I am  having an outdoor wedding/reception so  this has been a major concern.
Partly cloudy with a high of 87 makes me perfectly happy.
For those of you who do not live in Texas,
it very well could have been 100 degrees on May 19 and heat was my main concern.
By 7 pm the weather that day should be pretty enjoyable if things stay the way they look.

I hope everyone has had a great week.
I seriously have no clue where mine went because I have been SO busy.
Which is also why I have had no time for blogging.
I hope to post a few times next week but I said the same about this one!
Oh well, happy Friday and happy weekend!!


Kaity said...

Eek! So close! So happy for you :)

LWLH said...

How exciting!!
I loved going to get ours.

Erin said...

How exciting!! I remember when I we were in the single digits - it makes it so much more real!

Holly said...

Sooo exciting!
soo soo close :)

Boo's Basket said...

Congrats Courtney! I wish you the best and it looks like you are going to a have a beautiful day!!

Valerie Griffin said...

yayyy! getting so close!